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At Samuel Madeleine, we help designers and furniture makers create better content and visualize 3D spaces using advanced AI technology and expert 3D artistry. Our studio focuses on using AI to create photorealistic environments and integrate detailed 3D products. This approach reduces production costs and timelines while offering countless possibilities for showcasing your brand in realistic, custom settings. By combining the latest in generative AI with high-quality 3D modeling, we provide an efficient and effective service.

In today's digital world, compelling imagery is crucial for brand identity and consumer engagement. Whether you're a new furniture designer or an established home decor brand, Samuel Madeleine helps turn your products into standout features in captivating AI-generated scenes. Our blend of AI-generated environments and precise 3D product integration allows us to create a continuous stream of photorealistic visuals that align with your brand's style. With our services, you get more than just images; you gain a powerful tool for enhancing your brand's visual presence across all digital platforms, setting a new standard in product visualization.

Based out of Boston.


Architectural 3D Room Rendering
    For an uncompromising customization experience, Samuel Madeleine offers premium 3D room rendering services tailored to your specifications. Our team of skilled 3D artists will bring your vision to life with meticulous detail and artistic mastery.

    Each room rendering package includes approximately 5 ultra-high-resolution shots from multiple vantage points, providing a comprehensive visualization of the space. We can source or create realistic 3D product models based on your needs (additional fees apply).

    An collaborative experience, our rendering process involves close consultation with you to ensure the final imagery aligns with your creative direction.

    Service Highlights

  • -Approx. 5 rendered interior views per room
  • -Tailored 3D product modeling available (additional fees)
  • -Collaborative feedback and revision process


    3D Room Rendering (excluding models): $599 per room

Full interior rendering for Modern Relik.
Interior gym rendering for Sportova.
Interior gym rendering for Sportova.
Interior gym rendering for Sportova.
Interior rendering for Modern Relik.